AD0-E202 試験名:Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner

Oct 28,2020
試験名:Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner
受験料::$ 180 USD

Adobe Analytics AD0-E202試験問題集の実際の試験問題はすべてのを最近受験した受験者からの回答に基づいており、認定エキスパートや専門家によって解答されています。 AD0-E202問題集の実際の試験問題を使用すると、関連するすべての試験問題を練習して、試験に合格することができます。AD0-E202問題集の有効性を信じてください。

Adobe Analytics AD0-E202問題集の合格保証は、受験者の最初の成功の開始。お使いTestpassportのAD0-E202問題集で試験に合格しない場合、3か月以内にスコアレポートのスクリーンショットで全額払い戻しを受けることができます。


テストセンター最新試験情報によって、Adobe AD0-E202問題集の内容を変更した後、更新します。この問題集の実際の試験問題を当社のWebサイトから購入した後、1年間無料で更新版を提供することができます。この試験の質問の内容が変更されたことがわかったら、更新されたバージョンについて更新サービスに問い合わせることができます。

Adobe AD0-E202問題集を購入する前に、問題集の無料オンライン試験をトレーニングすることができます。お客様が購入する前に、無料で問題集のサンプルを使用して、もっと自信を増やす。TestpassportがAD0-E202問題集のデモを提供し、安心してください。

Adobe Analytics AD0-E202問題集の実際の試験問題には、PDFとソフトウェア2つのバージョンがあります。




An analyst create a workspace based on two separate segments:
A) A Product type = electronics
B) Marketing channel =affiliate
As a follow-up analysis the analyst wants to identify electronics sales from the affiliate channel over the past 90 days.
Which segment should the analyst create to fulfill these requirements?
A. A new segment to include segment A OR B. Then within 90 days the orders event count is greater than “0”.
B. A new segment to include segment A AND B. Then within 90 days the orders event count is greater than “0”. Product type = electronics
C. A new segment to include segment A. Then within 90 days the orders event count is greater than “0”.
D. A new segment to include segment B. Then within 90 days the orders event count is greater than “0”. Marketing channel = affiliate
Answer: B

A pet food company with an eCommerce store is currently working with two different media agencies to drive online sales through Paid Search advertisements.
They user a parameter in the Tracking Code variable to distinguish between traffic driven by each agency, and they would like to understand which agency is more effective at driving sales.
Which metric should they use to compare and evaluate the agencies Return on Investment (ROI) performance?
A. Revenue
B. Cost per acquisition
C. Conversation Rate
D. Orders
Answer: B

Per a solution design reference, the following variables are set when a social share occurs:
event5 – Social Share
eVar7 – Social Share Channel
prop7 – Social Share Channel
In Adobe Analytics Reports, which report can be created?
A. Social Share per Visit by Social Share Channel
B. Top URLs shared
C. Top Products shared
D. Social Shares by Marketing Channel
Answer: A

An analyst wants to use all of the following variables to configure a single fallout report:
* Landing page prop
* Marketing channel eVar
* Product view event
* Product category eVar
Which tool should the analyst use?
A. Workspace
B. Reports and analyst
C. Data Warehouse
D. Segment builder
Answer: B

The website manager asks an analyst to provide an analyst for the churn rate over a period of time among the visitors of product pages.
Which visualization should the analyst choose in order to support the analysis?
A. Products Conversion Funnel
B. Cohort tableo
C. Fallout
D. Histogram
Answer: B