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Feb 19,2021
Adobe Magento Commerce AD0-E706日本語問題集の実際の試験問題はすべてのを最近受験した受験者からの回答に基づいており、認定エキスパートや専門家によって解答されています。 AD0-E706問題集の実際の試験問題を使用すると、関連するすべての試験問題を練習して、試験に合格することができます。AD0-E706問題集の有効性を信じてください。

Adobe Magento Commerce AD0-E706問題集の合格保証は、受験者の最初の成功の開始。お使いTestpassportのAD0-E706問題集で試験に合格しない場合、3か月以内にスコアレポートのスクリーンショットで全額払い戻しを受けることができます。


テストセンター最新試験情報によって、Adobe AD0-E706問題集の内容を変更した後、更新します。この問題集の実際の試験問題を当社のWebサイトから購入した後、1年間無料で更新版を提供することができます。この試験の質問の内容が変更されたことがわかったら、更新されたバージョンについて更新サービスに問い合わせることができます。

Adobe AD0-E706問題集を購入する前に、問題集の無料オンライン試験をトレーニングすることができます。お客様が購入する前に、無料で問題集のサンプルを使用して、もっと自信を増やす。TestpassportがAD0-E706問題集のデモを提供し、安心してください。

Adobe Magento Commerce AD0-E706問題集の実際の試験問題には、PDFとソフトウェア2つのバージョンがあります。



1.While launching a site migrated from Magento 1 you are instructed to change the website CNAME record in your DNS provider by Magento for go live.
What is the purpose of setting this record?
A. Setting this record causes sent email to be property authenticated and not show in junk folders
B. Setting this record enables the page caching service for your site
C. Setting this record is needed on Pro to allow upsizing servers without downtime
D. Setting this record reduces the time it takes for customers to start seeing your Magento 2 site
Answer: B

2.You added a grunt autoprefixer command, which adds CSS vendorprefix like –webkit- and –moz- to CSS files generated by the setup:static-connect: deploy command.


After deployment you still see CSS files without prefixes. 
The hooks section in the .magento. app. Yaml file is:
Considering static assets are being generated on the build phase why are CSS prefixes missing?
A. Custom commands can be run only on the deploy phase
B. CSS vendor prefixes must be added to CSS files locally and committed as part of a theme
C. The static assets were not generated yet when the grunt command ran
D. The custom command was run before static assets were transferred into the init directory
Answer: C

3.You are migration an existing Magento 2 website to Magento Commerce Cloud. After setting up the project you would like to migrate the database to the integration branch. The database import fails with a disk space error.
How do you migrate the database data loss?
A. Configuration the mysql disk size using a variable in the, magento,evn,yaml file
B. Open a Magento Support ticket to increasethe Integration branch disk size
C. Trim down the database to a smaller size
D. Configure the mysql disk Size in the .magento/services.yaml file
Answer: D

4.You have a Starter project. Your code is ready for testing in the Staging environment, but you need the latest data from Production.
What do you do to update the Staging environment?
A. Log in to the Project Web Ul. choose theStaging environment, and click Sync
B. Log in to the Project Web Ul. choose the Staging environment, and click Merge
C. Checkout the Staging branch and use the git push origin -f command
D. Checkout the Production environment and use the magento-cloud syncCLI command
Answer: A

5.After installing a Magento extension that implements a new class for a site and deploying this to an integration environment you see it is not working.


In the logs you discover the following error:
How do you fix this?
A. A support ticket should be riled with Magento Commerce Cloud to fix the filesystem issue
B. The extension should be modified so it does not write to generated at runtime
C. The file should be generated locally and pushed via Git
D. The generated_code_WRITABLE variable should be set to true whenever using extensions
Answer: A

6.Youare debugging an issue with an extension that only occurs in Production. The extension writes relevant information using the debug log level.
However that specific information is not getting written to the logs on Production.
How do you fix this?
A. Enable developer mode in Production for a short period to gather the required information
B. Write a custom logger that writes the debug information to var/log/custom, log
C. Enable debug logging in app/etc/config.php locally and deploy it to Production
D. Enable debug logging in the Admin interface in Production
Answer: D