Salesforce DEX-403試験,DEX-403試験問題集,DEX-403日本語試験,DEX-403模擬試験|testpassport

Aug 20,2021
Platform App Builder DEX-403問題集の実際の試験問題はすべてのを最近受験した受験者からの回答に基づいており、認定エキスパートや専門家によって解答されています。 DEX-403試験問題集の実際の試験問題を使用すると、関連するすべての試験問題を練習して、試験に合格することができます。DEX-403問題集の有効性を信じてください。

Platform App Builder DEX-403問題集の合格保証は、受験者の最初の成功の開始。お使いTestpassportのDEX-403問題集で試験に合格しない場合、3か月以内にスコアレポートのスクリーンショットで全額払い戻しを受けることができます。


テストセンター最新試験情報によって、Salesforce DEX-403問題集の内容を変更した後、更新します。この問題集の実際の試験問題を当社のWebサイトから購入した後、1年間無料で更新版を提供することができます。この試験の質問の内容が変更されたことがわかったら、更新されたバージョンについて更新サービスに問い合わせることができます。

Salesforce DEX-403問題集を購入する前に、問題集の無料オンライン試験をトレーニングすることができます。お客様が購入する前に、無料で問題集のサンプルを使用して、もっと自信を増やす。TestpassportがDEX-403問題集のデモを提供し、安心してください。

Platform App Builder DEX-403問題集の実際の試験問題には、PDFとソフトウェア2つのバージョンがあります。



1.Which two features can be used to allow users to access flows? Choose 2 answers)
A. Invoked by a process
B. Custom button
C. Quick action
D. Flow launcher
Answer: B,C

2.An App Builder at UVC would like to prevent users from creating new records on an Account related list by overriding standard buttons.
Which two should the App Builder consider before overriding standard buttons?
A. Standard buttons can be changed on lookup dialogs, list views, and search result layouts
B. Standard buttons can be overridden with a Visualforce page
C. Standard buttons that are not available for overrides can still be hidden on page layouts
D. Standard buttons can be overridden, relocated on the detail page, and relabeled
Answer: B,C

3.A production org includes custom objects containing confidential Information. A sandbox h needed that Includes data records, excludes all of the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly.
What steps should an App Builder take to meet these requirements?
A. Create a Full Sandbox and use a sandbox template
B. Create a Developer Pro Sandbox and schedule Data loader to download selected object data weekly.
C. Create a Partial Copy Sandbox and use a sandbox template.
D. Create a Developer Sandbox and schedule Data loader to download selected object data weekly.
Answer: C

4.An app builder wants to show groups as the last navigation menu item in the salesforce1 mobile app. however, the app builder is not able to select groups as one of the items on the drop-down menu.
What could cause this?
A. Groups is showing up in the recent section and not in the navigation menu
B. Groups is not included in the selecteCreate a criteria based sharing rule using the projects department that grd list for the navigation menu
C. Groups is included in the smart search items but not on the navigation menu
D. Groups cannot be the last item in the navigation menu.
Answer: C

5.Sales reps at Universal Containers use Salesforce on their mobile devices. They want a way to odd new contacts quickly and then follow up later to complete the additional Information necessary.
What mobile solution should an App Builder recommend?
A. Customize the mobile menu to move Contacts to the top.
B. Build a global action to create Contacts.
C. Add a compact layout to Contacts.
D. Use Path and set pre-defined values
Answer: C

6.What is a key consideration when using unmanaged packages? Choose 2 answers
A. A namespace is not required to create an unmanaged package.
B. The person who created the unmanaged package can change or update installed components
C. The person who created the unmanaged package has no control over the installed components
D. A namespace is required to create an unmanaged package.
Answer: A,C