MCD Level 1 Delta問題集Mulesoft MCD Level 1 Delta試験合格 - 100%命中 - 2022最新版

Jan 27,2022
MCD Level 1 Deltaの実際の試験問題集は、テストに合格するのに役立ちます。そうすれば、指導と監督の下で基本的なMule4プロジェクトにうまく取り組むことができます。 MCD-レベル1DELTA試験は、認定されたMuleSoft認定開発者-統合およびAPIアソシエイト(Mule 3)が、基本的なMule 4 APIおよび統合を設計、構築、テスト、デバッグ、展開、および管理するために必要な知識とスキルを持っていることを検証します。 MCD Level 1 Delta試験関連情報は準備に役立ちます。

MuleSoftMCDレベル1Delta RealExamの質問を共有する
上記のMuleSoftMCDレベル1デルタ試験のトピックをテストするには、すべてのMuleSoftMCDレベル1デルタの実際の試験問題集が最良の準備資料です。 以下のMuleSoft認定MCDレベル1デルタの実際の試験の質問と回答を共有してください。

1.A Mule application contains a global error handler configured to catch any errors. Where must the global error handler be specified so that the global error handler catches all errors from flows without their own error handlers?
A. A configuration properties file
B. Nowhere, the global error handler is automatically used
C. A global element
D. The pom.xml file
Answer: C

2.An SLA based policy has been enabled in API Manager. What is the next step to configure the API proxy to enforce the new SLA policy?
A. Add new property placeholders and redeploy the API proxy
B. Add new environment variables and restart the API proxy
C. Restart the API proxy to clear the API policy cache
D. Add required headers to the RAML specification and redeploy the new API proxy
Answer: D

3.According to MuleSoft. what is the first step to create a Modern API?
A. Gather a list of requirements to secure the API
B. Create an API specification and get feedback from stakeholders
C. Performance tune and optimize the backend systems and network
D. Create a prototype of the API implementation
Answer: B

4.An API specification is designed using RAML. What is the next step to create a REST Connector from this API specification?
A. Download the API specification and build the interface using APIkit
B. Publish the API specification to Any point Exchange
C. Implement the API specification using flow designer in Design Center
D. Add the specification to a Mule project's src/main/resources/api folder
Answer: B

5.A Database On Table Row listener retrieves data from a CUSTOMER table that contains a primary key userjd column and an increasing kxjin_date_time column. Neither column allows duplicate values. How should the listener be configured so it retrieves each row at most one time?
A. Set the watermark column to the bgin_date_time column
B. Set the target value to the last retrieved login_date_time value
C. Set the target value to the last retrieved user_jd value
D. Set the watermark column to the user_Id column
Answer: A